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A bit protective by Livefreedieyoung A bit protective by Livefreedieyoung
Tony: Also, I totally forgot to mention how cute you are like this. I mean, when I first saw your file and everything, I was, admittedly, torn between giggling and cooing.
Steve: S-seriously Tony I'm l-losing c-consciousness...
Tony: Also, I seriously have to fuck you while you're like this. I'm sorry, but it just has to be done.
Steve: :iconlazydieplz:
Tony: ...Steve?

Aaaaaaugh I missed the Steve/Tony fest thingy ugh I should just hand in my Stony shipping card right now. Real life is the worst cockblock :iconlazycryplz:

ANYWAY UM I DON'T KNOW WHERE THIS CAME FROM IT WAS REALLY THROWN TOGETHER JUST NOW. I just um read this Tony/Skinny!Steve fic and I kinda liked it. I didn't think I could ship skinny!Steve with anyone but Bucky but fanfic proved me wrong again. I'd link to the fic, but I completely lost it :iconimsotiredplz:

ALSO there is a part in the comics where Steve does, in fact, go back to being pre-serumy and Tony sorta dotes on him and tries to help him through it or something idk I haven't properly checked it out yet and I'm super tired and this comment probably doesn't make much sense so I'm gonna stop now and maybe come back later to rename this thing or something after I sleep jdvfjgfkd

EDIT: hahaha oh wow, I forgot the arc reactor. That's a good testament to how tired I was. FIXED.

Steve+Tony (c) Marvel
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December 2, 2012
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